Healing of Chest Issues and Afflicting Spirits

Man had pain from torn chest muscles. I prayed for him and God healed him. No Pain! I also prayed for a man who had pressure on his chest making it hard for him to breath for 4 years. Holy Spirit showed me it was a curse on his new job from past employee. I prayed to break the curse and the pressure left. 

I prayed for a young girl (about 20’s) got a headache when she would come to church. Prayed to break off any generational curses and afflicting spirits and the pain left. I prayed for a boy maybe 5 or 6 years old had sinusitis and could not smell and had a headache. Prayed to bind and cast out the afflicting spirit. His headache was gone and his sinus felt better but could not smell yet. – Ken, Iron Worker
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