Hearing Restored For Mom and Son

I prayed for a young boy and his mother. The boy was around 10 years old, who complained of rapidly diminishing eye sight. I covered the boys’ eyes with my hands and prayed, but there was no change. I prayed again, and there was no progress. I called my wife Peggy over to discern the reason. We work well as a team. When interviewing the mother, she asked if anyone else in the family had issues with their eyes, and the answer was yes. It was generational and we led them in prayer to fall out of agreement with the curse. Further questioning revealed that her mother had a tumor behind her ear that affected her hormones and eyesight, although she’d had that taken care of. She was concerned for her son now, that he might have the same condition as he had complained of a 50% loss of hearing in his left ear. So, I began praying for restored hearing. I placed my hands on both his ears. After a brief time, I stopped and softly spoke to his left ear. He could not hear. Again, I commanded his hearing to return. This time there was some improvement. Again, I prayed and this time he smiled. He said that he could hear clearly, that both ears were the same. His hearing was 100% in both ears. While I was praying for the boys hearing, Peggy pulled the mother aside and discovered that her pastor had told her a year ago that she had healing abilities. So, Peggy encouraged her to place her hands on her son and pray for him herself. We had to leave while the mother was still praying, but as we were exiting, we saw them following and that the boy was no longer wearing his glasses. -Bill, Self-employed

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