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Heart Healing After a Break-up

As we waited for another person to come forward I engaged in a conversation with my interpreter, eventually learning about the deep sadness he was feeling about the recent break-up with his girlfriend. He loved her and did not understand why she no longer wanted to pursue a relationship with him. I shared with him the biblical example of Rebekah and how Eleazar had trusted God for his choice as a wife for Isaac. Rebekah was not anyone Isaac had seen beforehand. She was God’s choice for Isaac. His former girlfriend was going to be God’s blessing for another man. “God’s choice for you is still waiting to meet you for you to love her. Will you forgive your former girlfriend for rejecting you? Will you trust God to give you the desire of your heart?” A few moments later my interpreter told me, “I had come with a heart of being a blessing to you, but you have just helped me through the most difficult time of my life I have ever known.” I told him that it was not me but the Holy Spirit who reveals and provides the truth of the Word of God for us.  – David, Civil engineer

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