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Global Awakening History

In January 1984, Randy Clark met John Wimber (founder of the Vineyard Movement) for the first time.  John prayed for him and prophesied many encouraging words.   Among those words, which Randy has never forgotten, were: “You are a prince in the Kingdom of God.” Although discouraged prior to receiving this prophecy, Randy was greatly encouraged afterward.  A few months later, Randy discovered what else God spoke audibly to John that night. When Randy asked why he had been put on the Leadership Council of the Vineyard when he had less than 50 people in the new church he was starting, and everyone else on the council had churches from 500-5,000, a close confidante of John Wimber told him, “John didn’t invite you onto the council because of what you have done, but because of what God told him audibly you will do.  You are going to go around the world and lay your hands upon pastors and leaders for impartation of the Holy Spirit, and to stir up and impart the gifts of the Spirit.”

Ten difficult years passed before this word from God was fulfilled. A few days after the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at the Toronto Airport Vineyard, now called Catch the Fire, John Wimber called Randy. He said, “This is the fulfillment of what God showed me about your life ten years ago.” The last time Randy met with Wimber, John gave him one more word, “God told me audibly that you and (one other) were the two Vineyard pastors who would go around the world, laying your hands upon pastors and leaders to impart gifts of the Holy Spirit to them and to impart the Holy Spirit to them.”

Global Awakening was birthed by Randy Clark in January 1994 as a result of God using him to bring the fire of revival to the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship. This ministry was birthed in the greatest revival movement of the last half of the 20th Century, a move of God resulting in the longest protracted meeting in the history of North America. During the first year, the “Blessing” spread to 55,000 churches around the world. Over three million people visited the church during those first few years; thousands were rededicated and saved and thousands more were empowered and equipped to minister more effectively.

Today, over a decade later, the fire of the Toronto revival is still spreading. A revival in Mozambique, led by Rolland and Heidi Baker, has seen roughly 7,000 churches started and over one million new believers have come into the Kingdom of God. This revival was birthed through a prophetic word Randy gave Heidi Baker in Toronto, accompanied by a powerful impartation of the Holy Spirit. The fire of this move of God in Toronto spread through the Bakers to the mission field of Mozambique, spanning over ten African nations. Other nations are being touched as well. In 1995, Randy prayed and prophesied over the Norwegian pastor Leif Hetland. Since then, Leif has been used to bring 500,000 Muslims into the Kingdom of God, and he has helped establish over a thousand ''Lighthouses of Love“ in the Middle East.

Many critics of this move of God have refused to call it revival because they have not seen multitudes come to the Lord through it in North America. Their problem is that they haven’t known the effects of this move in other places of the world. Through Rolland and Heidi Baker’s ministry and Leif Hetland’s ministry alone, there have already been 1.5 million new souls birthed into the Kingdom of God.

In 1999 Randy ministered to Pastor Henry Madava, a young apostolic leader in Kiev, Ukraine. This was such a powerful time of impartation and healing for both Henry and his church that Henry began conducting healing crusades in other cities. He and teams from his church have seen over 300,000 people born again through these healing crusades and outreaches. God had already given Henry this strategy, but it wasn’t until after the strong visitation of the Holy Spirit through Randy’s ministry that Henry had the faith to begin putting the strategy into practice.

Randy ministered to 1,000 pastors and church planters from various countries of the former Soviet Union at the first Catch the Fire Moscow Conference in 1995. Among those attending were Rabbi Boris Grisenko and his best friend, Oleg Scherbakov, from the Ukraine. The ministries of both were powerfully touched and changed. Boris has grown his Messianic congregation to over 1,000, now the largest in the world. He and his church are full of the new wine and the fire of this move of God. The impartation that Oleg received in Moscow changed him and his congregation. Oleg is now the pro forma bishop of the region, serving all the other protestant congregations of Nikolaev. What God did in the Moscow conference was so powerful that one of the pastors on the trip, Russ Purcello of Knoxville, TN, continued to return to Russia and conduct similar conferences in almost every one of the prefects of Russia. Many thousands have been brought into the Kingdom through these conferences and the empowering that occurs to the pastors who attend.

Two Russians, Oleg Serov and Shasha, were also powerfully touched. Oleg, not a pastor at the time, received a powerful impartation at Catch the Fire Moscow. At the time he had a terrible problem with stammering; he was classified a “severe stutterer” by the Russian army. When Randy prayed for him and prophesied to him that a healing anointing was coming upon his life, Oleg was touched and healed. Three years later, Oleg became pastor of the largest protestant church in his city, and started several other churches and ministries as well. Shasha wasn’t even initially prayed for by Randy, but he received an impartation simply by reading about the “Toronto Blessing” on the Internet. He has started a number of churches since he received the empowering experience of the Holy Spirit.

Randy’s ''land of anointing,” the country where he and his team have the most favor, is Brazil. In four years (1999-2004) approximately 100,000 healings occurred when Randy and Global Awakening teams prayed for the sick. Truly the blind have seen, the deaf have heard, the paralyzed have walked, and those dying from disease have been healed. Thousands have been born again and thousands of pastors and leaders have received a strong impartation. As a result, evangelism in their churches has multiplied and even more people are being led into the Kingdom.In 2004, a main leader of the Foursquare Church in Belem told Randy that the two things most responsible for the miraculous growth of the churches were Randy’s ministry and the cell group ministry. The favor of God has opened the entire nation of Brazil to the ministry of Global Awakening. Where once Global was ministering at small pastor’s meetings in Sao Paulo, now Randy receives invitations to speak in some of the largest soccer stadiums in the nation.

The exciting news is that “there is more”; not only more power, more passion, more purpose, and more pleasure in God, but more fruit from the ministry of the Holy Spirit working through the broken clay vessels of Randy Clark and Global Awakening. Of all the things that Randy values, this ministry of “impartation” is the most important to him. He loves seeing people receive healing, deliverance, salvation, and rededication to Jesus. He also recognizes, however, that the Kingdom of God will be more powerfully impacted by ministering a fresh impartation of the Spirit to pastors, leaders and their people. This creates a ripple effect - for each pastor or leader who receives a powerful impartation, a multitude of opportunities open up for those pastors and laity to impact others. Through his ministry of impartation and healing, Randy hopes to see every nation reached by the Kingdom and each person experience the Father’s healing power and love.

In 1999 Randy began traveling to the nations even more frequently than in the preceding five years, culminating most recently in nearly 120 days a year. He spends an addition 60 days a year in the United States ministering through “Healing School” and other meetings in churches and schools across the nation.He believes that the United States will once again experience a powerful “Healing Revival” and, when it does, he knows that he and his associates and interns, along with the pastors and itinerant ministers who are part of the Apostolic Network, will help fan the flames.