Hospital Ministry Brings Healing & Relief for Those Prayed For

On Tuesday we went to the hospital as a group. The group went to the surgical ward (broken bones). We prayed for several people and the more people we prayed for the stronger the presence of the Holy Spirit became.

Many were healed or felt something. There was a young lady in a private room who had been in an accident and had broken ribs. We prayed for her for a short time and she said that she had no pain. The nurse in charge of the ward was with us and could see that the patients were improving. So she took us into the post-op ward where a young man (a Muslim) that had just come out of surgery and was groaning and had problems breathing. We prayed for a short time. The groaning stopped, the breathing improved and he was almost asleep. Every one of the people healed by Jesus said “Gloria Deus” or “obligato Jusus”. – Iona & Adrian
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