Influence of Witchcraft Broken, Stomach Healed. Vision Restored After Word of Knowledge & Prayer!

A lady said she had mucus coming up from her belly. I asked if she had witchcraft in her house or that of her relatives. She said her Grandma and her mom. She prayed a prayer and repented from witchcraft.

I said that Jesus is going to burn a fire in her belly. I laid hands on her for a little while. Suddenly she bent over and wept and screamed and shook for maybe five minutes. Her countenance changed. She said fire come up from her belly and burned out everything. Then a word of knowledge came to me that she wanted 20/20 vision. She took off her glasses and asked me to pray. I prayed once. She said her vision was still blurry. I prayed again. She said she could see me clearly now. She was so excited she grabbed my name tag and started reading the small print. – Michael, Truck driver

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