Impartation, Prayer Bring Inner Healing for Worshipper

After a rowdy and rousing worship session at the Church of His Presence, I ministered to a beautiful tall woman who had been singing on the worship team. I felt led to pray for her sense of worth and identity in Christ which seemed to touch her deeply. 

She also received deep intercessory prayer from another team member. Holy Spirit came upon her and she knelt and wept as He spoke to her deepest need. Later a third member of our team was ministering to her in tongues. The team member invited me to take over. I embraced her and began to sing over her in tongues. She looked at me and said that I had imparted to her spiritual gifts. God imparted to her prophesy, passion, music ministry, the anointing of her voice to sing and the ability to hear heaven’s music. She sang heaven’s song and swooned in the Spirit. God had not only healed her, giving her a sense of purpose in the kingdom and the tools to live in her destiny. I did not know that God had given me the gift of impartation! – Teresa

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