It’s Not About Me But Him!

Tonight a woman approached me for prayer. There was no translator. She pointed repeatedly to her right eye. She pressed into the swollen cheek on the same side as her eye to show me how spongy it was.

I was confused because the speaker stated clearly that we were not to pray for healing until all the people who wanted impartation had received prayer. Did this woman want impartation and healing for her eye?

If she wanted healing for her eye and the swelling, how was I supposed to give her what I didn’t have for myself? I was under some kind of attack, and my own face and eyes were swollen, splotchy, and miserable.

I took the woman’s hands in mine and asked God what to do. I began praying for impartation of gifts of healing for her, anointing of her hands for healings, opening of her ears to hear Father’s voice, opening of the eyes of her heart to see what Jesus was doing. I put my hands near her eyes and ears. Finally, I went for healing of her eye problem.

As drums beat loudly and worshipping took place in the background, this lady began shaking violently. Her knees bent and straightened and bent and straightened some more. With her eyes closed, she swayed with the beat of the music. Suddenly she was jumping so fast that I could hardly hold on to her but feared to let go. Vocalizations rose and fell from her lips. A translator came by just as she calmed down enough to respond to questions. He said that she was so ecstatically happy because her sinuses had just been healed. The pain and swelling was gone. Sinuses were not on my radar!

I think God laughed. It’s not about me. It’s not about my words. It is about His infinite mercy and love.

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