Joy Fills as Back & Hamstring Pain Leave!

During the ministry time at the Methodist Church, a young English-speaking church member brought her Aunt Sandra, a woman in her 50’s. Sandra lived with constant pain in her left hamstring which radiated from her lower back where she had five screws from surgery. 

When I took her hand she began to smile and laugh. I asked her what she felt. She said, “Dizzy…” to which I said, “Good! Let’s ask for more!” This happiness intensified. Without laying hands on her back she started to report the pain receding. I told her not to settle for partial healing because Jesus has it all. I commanded the metal screws to dissolve in Jesus name. Sandra got really happy. She said it was hard to keep her feet on the floor. She wanted to fly away. I told her to fly away! She reported all of her pain leaving. She got mobility in her spine and was filled with joy. She actually danced with me briefly before giving thanks and asking the Holy Spirit to fill her life. – Tom 
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