Kidneys, Knees and Shoulder all Healed

A woman named Marlene came for prayer. She said she had pain on both sides due to kidney stones.  She was under doctor’s care and came wanting to be healed. She’d had kidney stones twice before. She also had pain in her right shoulder, when she moved her arm, (I had released a word of knowledge about pain in the shoulder that prevented full range of motion) and in both knees. I prayed a short declaration of healing for each issue and then checked in with her. Her knees and kidneys had less pain! I prayed two more times, then got a translator. By this time, it seemed that there was quite a bit of improvement in her knees and kidneys, but not her shoulders. Through the translator we found out that the kidney pain was %100 gone, and almost all the pain gone from her knees! Her shoulder a little better. After one more prayer, she could bend her knees fully without pain. I asked her to kneel. She was afraid, so I released faith in healing to replace fear of pain.  She knelt and stood back up crying and laughing. She did this two more times. The translator said, she could not kneel or get up without help before. After celebrating, hugging and blessing her, she was on the floor. When she got up, she said she had only a tiny pain in her shoulder if she put her hand up over her head.  –Lisa, Pastor

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