Leg Grows Out, Swelling in Right Foot Goes Down

Terry asked me to pray for a young woman with very swollen feet and he said one leg was shorter than the other. She told me she had been a Buddhist. I asked her to break her connection with Buddha and she did so. 

She said her family had cursed her for becoming a Christian. So I broke off the generational curses, etc. She then rescinded any dedication her parents had made when she was a child. She said the sinners’ prayer and I asked the Holy Spirit to come. I told the afflicting spirit to go to the feet of Jesus of Nazareth in Jesus name. I never even prayed for her knees and she said the pain had gone. The swelling in her right foot had also improved. It went down when I blessed what the Lord was doing. The discoloration in both feet had reduced a lot and with prayer the swelling in her right foot. I took her feet in my hand to check the length of her legs and without pray the right leg grew a little to match the left leg. She still had a left foot about three shoe sizes larger than the right. She said the deformity was the result of an injection being the wrong dose when she was at school. She forgave the teacher and said she was really going to follow Jesus now. I gave her a New Testament I had brought in my bag. She was thrilled even though I said she would need someone to translate it for her. I blessed what the Lord had done and asked Him to continue to work in her.

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