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Man Blind in Both Eyes & Deaf in One Ear Totally Healed!

I prayed for a man at the evening meeting who was blind in both eyes and deaf in one ear. His sight had been getting gradually worse over the last year or two until he could barely see. I tested his eyesight by holding up fingers. He could not see.

I asked the man to remove his glasses and I placed my hands over his eyes. I commanded the eyes to see again as God intended, I rebuked the spirit of infirmity in his body. I tested him out with the holding up of fingers and he got it right each time. Praise God! I placed my hand over his left ear and rebuked the spirit of infirmity in his ear and commanded the inner ear to align itself under heaven as God intended. The man said he felt warm all over and his ear was on fire. I tested him out with clicking of fingers. The man could hear for the first time since birth. Praise God! The man began to shake under the anointing and fell to the floor. – Gary, Pharmacy delivery driver

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