Man is Healed, Filled and Eager to Serve

A man came for prayer for arthritis in his joints of the knees and the elbows.  He was the first person I saw.  I prayed for healing.  When I prayed the first time he said all the pain left his knees, but it still was in the elbows.  Then I prayed again, and all the pain was gone. A brief time later he was up front again and I was led to him again by a translator.  I thought he wasn’t really healed because he was back so quick, but he was up front because he wanted to be filled with the Holy Spirit. I prayed, and he got filled. I saw him again later and he was serving and helping to catch people. I liked this so much because it was the way God showed me that he was really healed.  And I liked it that when he himself had received healing and impartation, he started to serve others.  That’s so beautiful!  -Christiane

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