Man’s Ankle Healed from Motorcycle Accident

At Mensgam Church I gave a word of knowledge about healing of ankle pain.  Although no one stood for the word, the Lord gave me another impression that the man needing the word had a yellow shirt. Sure enough, after scanning the congregation, I found a man seated half way back in a yellow shirt, holding his ankle. I felt the urge to go to the man and see if he wanted prayer. Though he could not speak English, he nodded yes and rolled up his pant leg revealing a large scar on his right ankle. His explanation was “motorcycle”. After inviting Holy Spirit to come, I prayed over his ankle commanding pain to go and the ankle to heal. When I looked up, he said “nada”. Praying in the spirit, I had an impression to pray for his ligaments, and commanded them to heal.  That is when he began to excitedly jump saying “no doi” (no pain). We praised God together for his healing. 10 minutes later he came down to the front with a translator to say that besides the pain going, for the first time in 6 years, he could lift his foot and wiggle his toes.  Praise God! – Mike, Investments

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