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Man’s Shorter Leg Grows Out

I prayed for a man named Marino who complained of pain in his lower back because he was born with one leg longer than the other. He has to wear a heel lift in one of his shoes in order to walk balanced. I told him that Jesus gave me a creative miracle for the same condition several years ago, and my leg grew out immediately after someone prayed for me. I had him sit in a chair, and I held his legs and feet. I cursed the root of sickness and disease and deformity in his body and asked Jesus to cause his legs to grow to equal length. He got up and walked around without his shoes, and he said he noticed it was maybe 50% better. Then I asked him to sit down again, and I prayed some more. When he got up the second time, he started crying very hard, tears falling to the floor because he was happy, and he said his legs were almost the same length – about 80%. I prayed one more time, but he said it was only a small percentage off from the other foot. Before I walked away, I told him to thank Jesus in advance for his complete healing until he sees the complete manifestation!                    -Sandra, Marketing Manager

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