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Man With Thrombosis & Woman With Breast Cancer Healed

The first night in Dresden I had a word of knowledge for thrombosis (blood clot). I was not sure anyone stood up for it. I was very disappointed because I felt it was so strong. 

The next day during lunch David, Vera and I took a walk to the river. On our way back the Lord highlighted a man and his wife, the man in particular. I told David that I thought we were supposed to pray for the guy. David said his heart was beating fast, so I thought the guy might have a heart condition. (In reality David was out of breath from the stairs.) Since David spoke German he asked the guy if he had a heart condition. He said that he didn’t but he had blood clots in his legs. Ah, my word of knowledge! He was not a believer but he let me pray for him. He felt tingling and heat. I prayed three times. He felt as if he had been healed. Then his wife said she had breast cancer. I prayed for her, and she felt heat and tingling as well. She was also crying, so I prayed for grief and loss. More tears came. She hugged me and thanked me for praying. Vera told them about Jesus and invited them to the evening meeting. 

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