Metastasized Cancer Assuaged!

What a night! Sherri Scott was bringing a woman forward who was obviously not well and very weak. I was coming down the stairs to join the others when Sherry called out my name.

I turned and responded and she asked me to assist her with the woman. A chair was brought for her to sit in because she was so weak. She had cancer in her right breast and had had breast cancer removed from the other breast last year. She also had brain cancer, a tumor on her chest and severe swelling in her right arm. We started with leading her to Jesus. As she named Jesus as Lord, the power of God started to flow from the top of her head all down her body like a liquid fire being poured over her. I watched her skin sweat from the top of her head and spread down her body and she began to weep. Her right eye was swollen shut from the cancer on her face and she put her hand on her chest where the tumor was. She had heat on her to the point that she was sweating profusely. After about 20 minutes of prayer she was feeling better and stood on her own and her right eye was open and the swelling was reduced. The interpreter told me her right arm changed color in front of him and the swelling went down in her arm. We wanted to connect her with a pastor in the church and found that the interpreter was one of its lead pastors!

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