Metal Disappears and a Husband and Wife Both Receive Physical Healing

A husband came up with his wife for prayer. He had pain in his elbow, pain in his ankle/foot (because a previous injury and metal), stiffness and pain in his shoulders and a problem with a heart valve. I asked the wife and the translator to pray for his shoulders. They loosened up and the pain left immediately. We started to pray for his ankle/foot. The first time the pain was cut in half. The second time we prayed, the pain almost left completely.

Finally, we prayed for his heart. While he couldn’t tell if anything happened, he was going to visit the doctor the next week to check. Now, what they hadn’t said at the start was that his wife also needed healing. She had been in a car accident which had left her right arm partially paralyzed. She could lift her arm to a point, but could not rotate it. I asked the husband to pray. He did, and his wife was able to rotate her arm a tiny bit. We prayed again and she was able to rotate it a little more. We kept on praying until she regained almost full mobility.


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