Global Awakening

Ministering God’s Goodness, Love and Peace Brings Healing

A man came for prayer who had a bad limp and a lot of pain in his right leg. There was no reason for the pain (no accident). He had been in the hospital and they couldn’t find any reason for the pain and stiffness in his leg.

I began to pray inviting Holy Spirit’s healing anointing. When I asked how his leg was feeling, he said it was not a lot better. I prayed again this time addressing the pain and restriction and then asked again. He said yes it was better but he still had a lot of pain. I prayed again using both methods and then felt to pray over him declaring God’s goodness, peace and love. I placed my hand on his heart and prayed blessings. He began to cry and you could see him just receiving the love and words of affirmation over his life. He just stood and soaked in the presence of the Lord. I stood for a while with my hand upon his shoulder and let the Holy Spirit minister. After a while I asked how his leg was feeling. He could bend it and he could walk a lot better.  He said he had no pain. Praise the Lord!

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