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Multiple Issues – Anxiety, Digestive Issues, Cancer – Healed in Family

A family came up to me for prayer. First, there was a teenage girl who said she has extreme anxiety and digestive issues. When she ate she would get very sick and sometimes threw up and later got headaches. 

I prayed for her and reminded her of her identity in Christ and the healing inheritance she has. She felt no more nausea in her stomach. Praise God! Then her mom asked for prayer for the exact same things, but instead of headaches, she got dizzy. I felt to pray against any generational curses.  I prayed over the mom and she felt none of the anxiety or nausea, just a lot of peace. Then the woman’s husband asked for prayer too. He had cancer. He showed me his stomach where he had just had surgery. He had a sack coming from his stomach. The cancer had spread all over his body. He felt itching all over because of the cancer and he was losing a lot of hair even though he was not doing chemo. I felt such peace and told him nothing is impossible for God. He began to cry and I prayed over him. He said he felt all the pain and itching leave his body! He felt God had touched him and healed him. Praise the Lord! 

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