Multiple Prayers Bring an End to Stomach & Head Pains

A woman, who had pain in both her head and her stomach, came for prayer. She had had the symptoms for some weeks. The pain in her head was in her forehead. 

I told the woman that I would not place my hand on her stomach, but I would pray for the healing. I started commanding the pain to go away. I declared that the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. He had done it before and I knew that He would want to do it again. I released complete healing. She said that the stomach pain left, and she was completely healed. Then I asked if I could touch her forehead to pray for healing. I commanded the pain to go away in Jesus’ name. She said that the pain moved to the sides of her head. She felt like there was pressure on both sides of her head. I felt in the Spirit that there was something that needed to be removed from her mind and that she needed inner healing for the physical pain that she had. I started declaring complete shalom peace over her and as a gesture I started removing the pain and finally threw it away. She said that the pain moved to the top of her head. Then I commanded the pain to go away in Jesus’ name. I declared that the pain did not have any power over her, and I commanded it to go away in Jesus’ name. Her whole presence changed. She looked very peaceful and happy. When I asked how she felt, she said that the pain was completely gone. She did not feel any heaviness. She just had peace and a sound mind. She looked very good. All the pain was completely gone, and she was completely healed. She could not stop hugging me and thanking God for healing her.

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