Multiple Sclerosis healed in Las vegas, NV

My husband and I attended the Holy Spirit Conference at International Church of Las Vegas on Wednesday, August 1, 2007.  I was anticipating an awesome night of prayer, worship and speaker who I new little about, but my friends were very enthusiastic about receiving a good message from, Randy Clark.  The night started as I had expected with worship, prayer and prophesy.  When it was time for the message from Randy Clark it was past 9pm and he made us well aware of the time but if we committed to staying for the whole message of what God was having him bring to us we would not be disappointed!

My husband and I agreed to commit to stay, which sometimes, at that hour, I would be very tired and would give in to my weariness and leave.  Somewhere during his message he mentioned MS-Multiple Sclerosis, and that there would be prayer directed specifically to the healing of the disease.  I noted it, and thought, hum – OK,  another time that I will go to the alter with other people looking for healing in their body….knowing God could and does heal, but not really expecting to receive.

Randy spoke of the truths that I had heard many times in the past, but his words were opening my eyes to see God’s gifts to His children in a different way.  I heard that there was nothing I needed to do, except believe.  Believe that God wants to impart supernatural attributes for healing, for compassion, a heart for the cares of others.  Story after story was told and I was being more and more encouraged!  Oh how I wanted to have a touch from the Lord (having put aside all thoughts of the MS).

We all stood with eyes closed and hands held out, just waiting on the Lord to deposit His anointing on us.  I heard people crying, and moaning.  “Wait, wait” Randy said, “its coming.  If you feel your hands are tingly, hot or shaking, move into the aisle, come forward, as you do the anointing will increase.”  I thought about moving into the aisle, but thought I would wait just a little longer.

Then Randy said it “MS” That was all I heard !  The Spirit hit me unlike anything I have ever experienced!  From way down deep inside me… I was breathing in a new breath of life – I had been describing it as gasping for breath,  but now I see what it was, God was filling me up!  I was sobbing, but I didn’t really know why…yes I was believing that God was with me!  Then all the muscles in my back starting twitching,  not tingling, twitching and moving ….tingling I would have confused with a MS thing.  Then my leg started shaking…that’s different I thought.  When Randy finished his prayer on MS he asked if anyone with MS could feel a healing or difference in their body     I thought – no.  He was asking if anyone was standing if faith that their MS was healed.  My hand was in the air before I could even think about doing it – God was not going to let me miss this one, He was moving my body parts for me by raising my hand high.  When I realized that God touched me I started waving like crazy.

Randy called all the MSer’s forward for more pray.  I was out in the aisle and getting there as fast as I could.  There seemed to be a group of at least 10 of us,  I was surprised that there were so many of us.  I was trying to get closer and closer to get specific prayer.  Randy really knows about MS,  this was the first time I had heard anyone speak to the specifics of the disease.  Again my back started twitching and my leg shaking.  I stood there for a while.  I turned to walk away to let others closer.  When I turned my husband was waiting behind me and he was pointing me back to get more prayer, so I turned and Randy was there again stretching out his hand toward me.

As we left that night I knew God had touched me.  I needed to tell someone.  It was important for me to speak out what had just happened.  I must have told at least a half dozen.

Let me step back for a moment.  I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 22 years ago at 33.  I spent about 13 years on Social Security Disability.  Most of my symptoms are not visible.  My disability was awarded to me due to the debilitating effects of fatigue that is caused by MS.  There were times when I felt like I had no disease, and there were times when I became so fatigued that it would bring me to the point of vomiting because I was so tired.  The fatigue also causes me to have memory problems, and difficulty in processing thoughts, making decisions, slow speech and also slurring or stuttering. Sure, I would bump into things, but I would laugh it off.  I learned little tricks to keep me from loosing my balance.  The Optic Nerve in my eyes caused blurred vision, blind spots and severe sensitivity to bright light (like you can avoid the sun living in Las Vegas).  Heat caused my symptoms to intensify, so you have to stay away from hot showers and if I forget – the vision problem would creep in.  Stress and emotional things were also triggers.  I have had numb legs, arms and feet.  Half of my torso was numb once.

Since my last exacerbation in 2001 I have been taking a beta interferon drug called Avonex which I administer to my self in the form of an intramuscular injection once a week.  This shot can produce flu like symptoms – for me its head aches & achy muscles, and it not always, its hit & miss.   I also take a common drug called Amitriptyline which is a mild antidepressant and also helps with muscle aches in my legs.

Thursday morning after the conference I went to work (after 4 hours of sleep) and I was on top of my game.  I felt great – no tiredness, none.  No one at work knows that I have MS, I have been fearful that it might me used against me.  There was only one person at work who knew.  I couldn’t wait for her to get to work to tell her all about what the Lord had done!  I shared with her and we were both thanking God for his goodness and faithfulness.  But it was sad for me for there was no one else who I could share what God had done for me.  I blasted thru the day with no signs of fatigue.

Friday morning, while getting ready for work I was standing in front of my mirror thinking something was different or odd, but I didn’t know what it was. Then God was saying to me—you’re not tired, you’ve been tired for so long that you have forgotten was it is like to get up in the morning and not be tired !  Thank you Jesus!

Right now I am cruising along pretty good..  I am believing that God has healed me. My levels of energy have dropped since Thursday, but I’m still feeling better than before.  No problems with my thought processing or decision making.  No fatigue.   God has made an opportunity for me to tell my MS secret to a couple of people I work with.  After all – who cares if they know now, I’ve been healed!  God has also showed me that I may have been robbing His glory by not letting my co-workers know about the MS; and for them to see how even with this disease I was able to work and serve the Lord!

I am scheduled to see my neurologist on August 23rd.  I have already requested her to schedule an MRI to support my healing.  It doesn’t matter to me what the report says for I know that God has touched me and I am walking in faith.  He has revealed many other things to me in the past week and I will continue to sing His praise and Give Him thanks!

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