Musician’s Leg Pain Healed & He Is Saved!

We were having dinner at a restaurant in Guatape. A man came in and played a few songs on the guitar, and we noticed he was walking with a cane. When he was finished, we invited him to our table to sit down. We asked him what had happened to his leg.

He said that he met a homeless boy on the street. He and his wife took the kid into their home, fed him and blessed him. The next morning the kid was doing drugs in their home, so they put him back on the street. Later that day the man was in town when the kid came up behind him and kicked him just below the hip so hard that it cracked his leg just below the hip. Doctors checked him and told him he would need surgery but he could not pay so he didn’t have the surgery. He was put in a wheel chair for months, then moved to a walker and had progressed to just using a cane. Several team members laid hands on him and prayed over him. We asked him to move his leg. When he lifted it, he was so amazed. He said he could not lift his leg like this before! He grabbed the waiter and shook him as he told him about the healing. He asked us to pray so he could stop smoking and for God to take away the dark things in his life. We prayed for these things, and his face was so filled with joy that he wanted to receive Jesus. Rayma led him through the prayer. We gave him some food, and as we left him, he was dancing in front of the waiters, showing them what God had done!

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