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Nearsighted Eyes Healed!

Two ladies came up for prayer and one of them knew a little English and it sounded like she had a problem with her pituitary gland and had arthritis in her wrist. I prayed a commanding prayer for both problems and asked her about it. 

She said the wrist felt better but she still had a head problem so I prayed again and she said she was better. She did not say any percentage for both. Then she said she had problems with short sighted eyes so I prayed a commanding prayer and she said it was better. Then I prayed again she said it was at 40% better so I prayed again. Then she said she was 85% better. She was happy but I wanted 100% healing and asked her if I could pray again for 100% and she agreed. I prayed then she checked it and said it was 100% healed with tears in her eyes and walked away with a smile. – James

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