Nepal/India 2011: Collapsed Right Lung

I woman came for prayer for a collapsed right lung. She reported much difficulty in breathing, and said she had asthma as well. She could not breathe normally without pain. She was soon to have surgery to try to repair the right lung. I asked her to place her hand over her right lung. I placed my hand on hers. I prayed once and asked the Holy Spirit to bless her and restore her right lung to a better condition than the left one. She reported the pain was gone, but her breathing was still limited. I prayed again. She reported feeling changes in the right side of her chest. I asked her to breathe as deeply as she could. She felt no pain in her chest. I then put my hand on her nose and prayed. She began to breathe deeply and indicated the restriction in her nose was open, and she could breathe deeply and normally without any restrictions or pain. I told her to have the doctor x-ray her again before any surgery was schedule. The Holy Spirit came upon her, and she would have fallen if not supported. We carefully helped her to sit down where she remained for 10-15 minutes or so before she could stand. She reported much heat in her chest. I suggested she stay where she was until the heat quit.

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