Nepal/India 2011: Hernia in Lower Abdomen/Groin

A boy, approximately seven years old, was brought to me by his brother saying through translation that the boy had a hernia in his left lower abdomen/groin. I prayed for him and he flashed his eyelids and when I asked if he was feeling anything he said he was healed. I didn’t think he could be and so prayed again. I inquired again and he again said he was already healed and his mom was very emphatic that she could see he was healed. I asked him to move and do what he couldn’t and he did easily but was not very demonstrative. It was clear he was healed. His mother said he had another one on his right side that had been operated on and she asked me to pray for that too. I prayed and they wanted to go – he got what he was after. Thank you, Jesus!!

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