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Nepal/India 2011: Womans Embrace

I approached this woman during our first time of prayer. She pointed to the gland under her jaw – there was a small scar. I didn’t have an interpreter, so I just started praying whatever came to mind. I re- interviewed several times, but nothing had changed. A young girl came up to us who I found out she was in pain when she swallowed. So I prayed again (I couldn’t find out anything else). So I just prayed again. Then we were told to pray two at a time – which meant I would have to try to get her to come down to the front so I could keep praying – but it didn’t feel right to just walk away without something happening or to be able to explain why I was stopping – so I just thought I’ll just ask her if I could give her a hug. She was a little bit shocked but she was willing – the second I pulled her closer – she gripped on so tightly.

What I thought was going to be a brief “God bless you goodbye” type of hug turned into over a five minute embrace where I just held her and she bawled into my jacket – then I just started praying that God would fill her up with joy and praying that verse “the joy of the Lord is my strength” over her and that that would become her reality and stuff along those lines. And she starts laughing – we’re still hugging each other and she’s crying and laughing. I felt God say to me – “Her problem wasn’t that it was painful to swallow, her problem was that she didn’t feel loved.” After she let go, she wiped her tears away but had the biggest smile on her face – she no longer looked disappointed because nothing seemed to happen during prayer – she looked at me and said “thank you” looking like a completely different woman. I didn’t find out if the pain left, but she looked pain free. So that was an example of how people can be healed and be touched by God – I need to listen to what He wants me to do, He knows what they need – I just need to obey – the breakthrough happened when I went with the impression to hug her.

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