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New Zealand – Knee Healed, Cartilage Restored, Fear & Trauma Broken

Knee Healed, Spirit of Trauma Broken **

Marie came up to me on the stage to receive healing for her knee. Her knee was hurting, but her doctor said it was all in her head. So, first I prayed for her brain to bless her knee. Then I commanded pain to be gone in her knee and a full restoration of her knee.

She got on the ground and tested it out by kneeling down and leaning back so that her bottom could touch her heels. She said there was a slight improvement, but she still didn’t have full mobility. So, I prayed again and had her test it. Marie tested it and there was more improvement. We praised God and thanked him for what He was doing in Marie’s knee. When I prayed a third time, I prayed for a new meniscus and restoration of cartilage in her knee. After I prayed that time, she suddenly remembered that she had had the cartilage removed in that knee when she was fifteen (25 years ago) due to a sports injury. After this third time of prayer, she tested it again and was 100% healed. We clapped, rejoiced and praised God.

Then Marie asked for more prayer. She remembered that she had been traumatized by this knee injury and she had vowed to never do sports again so she wouldn’t get injured. Sports is very important in her family so this was a real loss. I had Marie renounce the vow she had taken related to sports. Next I had her renounce the fear that was let in due to this injury and we rebuked the spirit of trauma out of her life. Then we asked God what He wanted to give her in place of her fear. She saw herself skipping and dancing. Marie told me she had always wanted to dance. Now with her new cartilage, restored knee and confidence back in her body, she said she was going to sign up for a dance class. God, you are the God of restoration. Thank You for healing Marie inside and out. You are good! — Susie

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