Nigeria 2019 Trip Report

This is a report from the Global Awakening team to Abuja and Lagos Nigeria from Aug. 22- Sept. 2, 2019. We had a team of 4 speakers representing Global Awakening (Bob Hazlett, Leif Hetland, Tom Jones and Charity Cook), joined by two speakers from the UK, Tomi and Tobi Arayomi.  There were 5 members making up our GA trip team.  We came to minister alongside of Femi and Mina Bajomo at 2 Kingdom Invasion conferences that they had organized in Abuja and Lagos. We were also joined by approximately 30 of their local ministry team members trained by the Bajomos under Lapis Lazuli Ministries.

Upon arrival, we celebrated with Mina at a gathering for her 60th birthday.  This was a wonderful time to honor Mina and get to know each other as a team, and the Lapis Lazuli team.  On Sunday morning we divided into smaller teams and ministered in 3 local churches in Abuja.  One of the goals of Lapis Lazuli is to bring the local churches together in unity through the conferences and to offer training to raise up Kingdom/revival awareness and Sozo and healing teams within their local churches. The Global team ministering within the local churches strengthened these connections.  This was the 3rd year for a conference to be held in Abuja.  We had two full days of conference on Monday and Tuesday from 9:00am – 10:00pm.  There was praise and worship, strong messages from the speakers, prophecy, healing (sovereign and individual), times of response and commitment at the altar, and prayer for impartation. There were approx. 1,000 in attendance each day. 

On Wed. we traveled by air down to Lagos and ministered in a church service that evening.  On Thurs. we had a conference day for pastors, church leaders and apostles. It included different messages from the speakers, but was similar in nature to the other conference days. Then on Fri. and Sat. we repeated the Kingdom Invasion conference in Lagos (6th annual). These conferences also included a book table with resources for purchase, healing rooms (where the Lapis healing team was on post to minister) and participants could sign up for a Sozo session with the Lapis team in the days following the conference.

On Sunday morning we split up again and ministered in 3 church services in Lagos. Following this we gathered at Goobie’s home for lunch where we fellowshipped and celebrated together all that the Lord had done amongst us!  Sunday evening the Global team boarded their flights home, except for Leif Hetland who joined the Bajomos and the Arayomi brothers to travel to Kaduna for the 3rd and final conference.  This is their first time to hold a conference in Kaduna.

Throughout each of the services and sessions the Holy Spirit’s presence was felt and many were stirred in their hearts, and healed emotionally and physically. We also had wonderful connection and encouragement between the Global Awakening team and the Lapis Lazuli Team.  There were fewer on the GA team this year, but Mina felt that it was likely the Lord’s doing as the Lapis Lazuli team is strengthening and covering more responsibility. On behalf of myself and the other 4 prayer team members we found it a great privilege to serve alongside this team!  Thank you Global Awakening for training us and allowing us this privilege to serve the Lord and the people of Nigeria along with you!

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