Obedience Brings Healing of Knee

We came into the church and worship started. I sang in the Spirit because I didn’t know the words. Right away I felt that the Presence was very heavy. That morning I met the guy from Minnesota, and he was standing next to me.  The Lord showed me a picture of me putting my hand on his right forearm and told me to do so.  

I halted and thought, “Um… I just met this guy. Touching him would be really weird.”  I figured the Lord would tell me again if he really did want me to and He did. So I looked over at Chuck and his arms were raised really high. I thought, “See?” I still really felt I should put my hand on his arm.  So I told the Lord, “The next time I look over at him and his arms are down, I’ll do it.”  A minute or two later He said to put your hand on his arm.  I have something I want you to release to him.” So I looked over and his arm was down so I put my hand on his forearm and just prayed in the Spirit. I felt a ton of power moving through me from my head and down and out to Chuck.  It was really intense. I prayed for about two minutes and then felt a release and continued to worship.

As soon as we were done singing I turned to Chuck and asked, “Did you feel that? What happened?” He looked a little shocked and said, “I think my knee just got healed.” We talked more about it later, and he told me the full details. He said right before I put my hand on his arm, he had been crying out for God to heal his knee so he could physically do what’s needed of him on this trip. Then I touched him and prayed. He said right after I took my hand off he started feeling a tingling in both feet, like they were asleep and then it crept up his lower legs to his knees and all pain went away! I had no idea he had a bad knee.

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