Once Bound by Witchcraft, Woman Set Free & Saved!

Today we went to minister to the homeless of Medellin with a team lead by business women who were sisters. They feed them lunch every day. I came to a little lady in a wheel chair. 

She had been unable to walk for three years. Her son was with her and he believed it was due to witch doctors. We prayed for about two minutes. We stood her up with me on one side and my translator on the other. We walked her about 10 feet and back. He children said she hadn’t been able to do that in three years. We continued to pray, rebuking all unclean spirits and commanding strength. We prayed for her brain all the while walking her around. She said all the pain was gone. She volunteered this information and said she felt good. I release the spirit of laughter on her and now we really had to hold her up. It was great. Her family was giggling at her. We asked if she had accepted Jesus as Lord and savior. She said that she had not. Then the translator led her in a prayer of salvation and we called down more fire. She got even drunker in the Spirit. All the while we were walking, her steps would get bigger and she became lighter. We sat her down in the chair. The lady wanted to get up. Other members of the team had been to her house earlier and prayed. Others also joined in the prayer so it was definitely a team effort. The best part of all was that a daughter was born into the Kingdom! Glory to God!

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