Osteoarthritis Healing

I prayed for a lady who had severe pain from osteoarthritis through both her hips, legs and lower back. She said she needed a hip replacement. We prayed multiple times for her arthritis, and she said it significantly reduced the pain throughout her hips, down her thigh and through her lower back. The night began drawing to a close, but she did mention that she would be back the next night for more prayer. She was true to her word and came back on the second night, however she said her pain had increased again since the previous night. So I felt the Lord direct me in prayer a few different ways, she was feeling better, then the lord gave me a word of knowledge about her back. I checked the length of her leg which was at least an inch shorter than the other. I commanded the leg to grow and it did. I checked where her pain was at and she said no pain. I encouraged her to walk around and test it to see if there was any pain and there was none. The Lord completely healed the arthritis in her hips and legs, and also healed her back. -Daniel I, Café Owner

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