Ovarian Tumor & Cysts Burn Off

On Saturday October 19th at this church – IEQ Lagoinha Ribeirão Preto, a group of us were praying for a young woman who had come to the healing room with her friend. She shared that she had a tumor on her ovary and cysts on each of her tubes. Her reported pain level was a 10 of 10. We began to pray for healing, for the tumors to dissolve, and for the cysts to be gone. As we prayed, her pain and discomfort obviously began to increase, and she began to cry and double over in pain. She said her pain was worse, and it felt like heat and fire in her lower abdomen. We continued to encourage her, and after the fourth prayer, her reported pain level dropped in half to just 5. We were very encouraged and prayed one more prayer and then asked if she was able to stand up again. (She had been doubled over in pain.) She was able to straighten up and walk around a minute, at which point she broke out in tears. Fearing the pain was back, we looked to the translator who instead reported that all the pain was gone. She was crying tears of joy for her healing.     – Mike & Happy, Pastors & Tobore, Medical Doctor

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