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Ovarian Tumors Disappear

On July 7, a woman approached me and was pointing to her abdomen. The translator helped me to understand that she had little tumors all over her ovary. I put my hand over her hand (which was on her lower abdomen). I began asking Jesus to come and disintegrate the tumors. 

She said she felt them moving inside her so I continued to pray. As I was praying, she fell over and was shaking on the ground. Her abdomen was heaving. I agreed with what Jesus was doing in prayer (my spirit was much more engaged than my mind which was thinking “God, is she ok? This is freaking me out!”). After a little while, I asked translator, Juliana, to ask her what was happening. She said that she could longer feel the tumors there and that she was healed. I was so surprised and excited that God used me that I did not think to ask for more details of what was happening when she fell. I would have liked to know what she was feeling and hearing from God. The most precious part of our meeting was the hug at the end. I didn’t want to let go. – Elle

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