Ovary Pain Gone! Breathing Improves!

We were asked for words of knowledge on stage. I had not had one before, so I had never given one. As we were on stage, the word ‘Infertility’ kept coming to me. The first to come up for prayer was a woman in her early 20’s. She had a tumor in her left ovary. She was a Bible student. 

It caused her a lot of physical and emotional pain and worry, as well. She wondered if she would bear children. Could it turn out to be cancer, etc.? I had been there for three years. She did not recall anything significant from around that time. I laid my hand in the general area. She said that at first it felt like a hard muscle stretching across. I believed the tumor was in deeper. As we prayed for it to disappear and her ovaries made new again, it began to soften. She said she could feel pulling, heating, electricity and tingling. I could see evidence in her tears…slight shaking…it became totally soft in that area. Now, her pain was completely gone. She said that she was going to have a checkup soon. Then, she turned back and said, “Oh, my goodness. I can take a deep breath. I have not been able to do that for a very long time”. She was overjoyed. The pain from the tumor was gone. Breathing was restored. I do not know if it was more physical or more emotional hold but it was awesome. We believe it is 100% gone. – Carol, Bookkeeper

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