Pain and Movement Restored for Deteriorating Knees

A woman had severe pain in both knees. She had very restricted range of motion due to extreme deterioration in both knees. I asked her if she knew the cause and she said the doctor told her that it was due to the excess weight she was carrying. She could not even sit down without supporting her weight with both hands. On a scale of 0 to 10 with 10 being the worst, she said that her pain level was a 9 when she would bend 20% of the way down to a sitting position. I used my translator who was a young girl of about 13 years of age to place her hands on the woman’s knees as we prayed. We prayed for about 20 minutes commanding the pain to leave and asking God to give her brand new knees. We checked the progress several times by supporting her weight on me and my translator as she tried to squat. About 10 minutes into our prayer, she told us that the all the pain in her hands (which she didn’t mention to us previously) had also left while I prayed. The pain in her knees was 90% better. The last 10% of the pain was being stubborn. After some more questions she volunteered that someone had cursed her. I led her through forgiveness for the person who cursed her, broke the power of the curse on her life and asked for complete healing. She pushed my hands and those of my translator away refusing our support and proceeded to squat all the way down several times. She said that the pain was completely gone. Praise Jesus! She was so happy and thankful. The 13 year old translator was so excited. She said “I can’t believe it. I just saw my first creative miracle!” I told her that she can do the same thing. I told her that she has the same Holy Spirit in her as I do. That got her excited.

Wayne C, Engineer

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