Pain in Back Decreases

Randy Clark told the team to prepare to give a word for healing. I bent over praying in my chair, again unsure of what word I would give. I felt a tension, tightness/pulling on my right back. To me, this at once seemed too general (back pain), and too specific (right back pain?).

Regardless, I gave the word. Before they had even been released to do so, a middle-aged, Caucasian man fluent in English approached me for prayer. Shortly before I spoke, he had been telling God that if He was willing, he would be happy to have healing. I then gave the word, detailing his exact problem. My husband, translator and I prayed for the man 3 times. He first got relief from the pain, then relief of the feeling of scar tissue in the area. He began with about 4/10 pain in the area. The area bothered him intermittently, and he believed it had begun earlier in his life when he used to shovel snow. (Randy Clark Conference) – Michelle

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