Pain Leaves and Flexibility Returns for Cicero

A man named Cicero came up to get prayer for back pain. He wasn’t able to properly bend down for a year. I asked him some questions to find out if there was a specific reason for the pain, but I couldn’t get much information from him. However, I sensed that from the answers he gave that it’s just a natural cause. (He had the stature of a body builder.) I invited the Holy Spirit and spoke a 30 second commanding prayer. Afterwards I asked him if he could test out if there was any change. He did and said it was better. So I asked him how much better in percent. He replied that it was 70% better. Therefore I knew Holy Spirit was doing something although neither he nor I felt any sensation like heat or electricity. I prayed again and asked God to complete what He started. And He did! After a short prayer Cicero was 100% healed.   

– Julien, IT Consultant

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