Peace Comes to Woman after Prophetic Words Spoken & Prayer

The day before Viento Fresco volunteers went to invite people of the neighborhood and local businesses to come if they wanted to receive prayer. After praying for several from the businesses, a group of neighbors were brought in to receive prayer.

One lady in particular appeared very withdrawn and her facial expression showed great sadness. After praying a few minutes over her, I told her, “I see you as a beautiful flower with petals and blossoms. Some are falling to the ground. The Lord is saying I hear your sorrow and pain and see the tears that you cry. I will bring water to your soul to restore your joy and bring you peace.” (This was released through an interpreter). With that she began to shed a few tears but then allowed me to hold her and I kept praying over her, “Jesus loves you, Jesus loves you”. She looked up and her face now showed signs of peace and a smile came over her face. Thank you, Poppa, for your tender heart for her. – Merry

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