Pigeon-toed From Birth, Child Runs For First Time!

A precious mother came to me with her 4 year-old child. He was pigeon-toed (toes turned inward) and it was difficult for him to walk as he stumbled up to me. 

I put my hands on his feet, and I could feel the warmth and tingling presence of the Holy Spirit. I prayed and asked him to walk. He stumbled. I invited another team member to join me and we placed the boy on the edge of the church stage with his feet dangling down. I was handed anointing oil and anointed the boy’s feet, making the sign of the cross on his feet. We began praying in the name of Jesus.The other team member and the mother laid their hands on the boy’s knees. The heat intensified in my hands, when suddenly I realized, “We don’t need a healing. We need a reconstructive miracle!” For some reason, the fact that I realized this gave me great joy, like “Hey Lord Jesus, I know you can do that!” and the gift of faith was upon me. Suddenly the team member said, “Say, feel that heat! It’s increased!” I knew we had made a connection. Next, I began to feel discomfort in my toes, so I prayed for his toes. Following that, I felt aching under the arches of my feet, so I prayed for his arches. Then there was discomfort in the balls of the heels, so I prayed for that. Finally my ankles and the area of the leg under the knees had soreness in them, so I prayed for the ankles and leg and knees.

When I asked the boy to walk, he took some steps, stumbled at first and then gained his balance. The toes began to turn outward and then he began to run! His mom was in tears, “He has never run before!” The little boy ran back to us with a big smile across his face.

“Esta bien?” I asked.

“Si,” he responded.

Then I asked, “Esta mucho bien?” and then, with a big smile on his face, the little boy ran up and put his arms around my neck with the biggest hug of joy!

“SI!” he yelled.

I’m hooked. Jesus, I love when You deliver people, and heal them at the greatest point of their need. Nothing is too difficult for Thee!

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