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Prophecy For Healing Fulfilled

We were ministering at a public square in Londrina. When we arrived, there were several of us that stayed towards the back feeling led to pray. We cleared it with Pat to stay together to walk just the perimeter of the people and pray. 

As Ted, Gaetan, and Marilyn and I proceeded to walk and pray we arrived at the other side of the park where a couple was near a light post. He was standing and she was sitting. But for some reason as we passed, I looked back at her and we locked eyes and sort of smiled, I felt drawn to her. We walked just a short distance farther and then Ted suggested we return the way we came. Anticipating passing the woman again, I looked for her and this time looked full into her face. I was struck by the light and warmth radiating from her.

About 50 yards farther, Marilyn asked if I noticed the couple under the light post. I told her about the woman and Marilyn noticed the man. I said I thought there was something wrong with the woman and Marilyn said she felt the man was being protective of the woman. We realized the Holy Spirit had highlighted the couple separately to us. We debated whether we should go back when Ted came over and said there was a translator near us who we could ask to help. Seeing our indecision, Ted said, “Blaine said we should do things that stretch us tonight.” Marilyn said that she heard the Holy Spirit say, “Stop,” when we walked by them. That settled it.

I asked Bruno, our interpreter, to ask the couple if they would be willing for us to pray for them. They indicated they wanted prayer. As we surrounded them, the woman tried to stand, but we could tell she was having difficulty. Bruno told her it was okay to sit, so she did. We introduced ourselves, asked their names and what was wrong. The woman, Beah, explained that her brain was swelling. There was some sort of growth which she had had for three years (the diagnosis was not translatable). I asked if there was anything that happened three years ago. They said they had a prophetic word that they would endure some dark times. So we prayed cancelling the assignment the enemy had on her and broke off the spirits of rejection, abandonment, disease, affliction and death in Jesus name. Ted broke off generational curses. Then we commanded the swelling in her brain to go down and return to the created order God intended it to have in Jesus name.

She was smiling and crying. Suddenly her face looked different. I thought it was just a lightening of her countenance, something that happens many times in emotional healings. I asked if she felt any different. She said she was better and that her vision was better (I didn’t realize it was a problem). We all got excited and began praising God. I asked her if she was at least 80% better and she said better than 80%. She told the interpreter that her eye was actually being pulled out of place and was distorted by the mass. It was now right and she only had a little bit of blurry vision. WOW! I prayed for her again and asked God to complete the work He was doing and thanked Him. Of course, we were all going bonkers with the healing. The translators had now gathered and were all excited.  We were taking pictures and all hugging each other. 

At some point we were told that he was a pastor. He spoke up and said again there was a prophet from California that said they would go through some dark times. He finished the story this time and saying that when Randy Clark came to town, someone from his team would pray for them and his wife would be healed. They said they had been praying for someone from the team to come over to pray for her to be healed just as we passed by. We went bonkers again just praising and marveling at God.

We blessed them. I spoke the verse in Proverbs that says, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and they that love it will eat the fruit thereof.” I instructed them to speak life now, no more darkness. We prayed the Blood of Jesus over them and their ministry.

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