Renunciation of Cultic Practices Starts Healing

I prayed for a lady, Mei S., who had pain and tightness across her right shoulder. The movement in that shoulder was also restricted. She had been prayed for the night before and received 50% healing. She was back tonight for more healing. 

While waiting on the Holy Spirit, I received the words “speaking in tongues”. I asked if she spoke in tongues and she said that she did, but she said every time she tried to speak in tongues fear would come upon her and she dared not speak in tongues. I then received the word “oppression”. The Holy Spirit led me to ask if she had renounce Satan and past occult practices. She had not. I led her in a prayer to renounce Satan and to sever any ties with the enemy. I asked her to move her shoulder to see if the pain was gone. She said the healing had increased to 70% even though I had not prayed for her shoulders. I then had the impression that she needed to ask God for forgiveness for her past occult practices. I led her through that and I asked her to thank God for forgiving her. I then commanded the pain and tightness to go in Jesus’ Name. After that her healing went up to 90%. Praise God!

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