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Saved and Delivered After 30 Years of Drinking

On July 7 during worship, I felt that God was going to something big that night. The first man who came up was old and frail and he could barely talk. Through the translator and his friend he explained that he had been drinking for 30 years and had just accepted Jesus that night.

He explained he saw “figures” that wanted to torment and destroy him. I realized that these “figures” were demons attacking him because he had come to the Lord. I attempted to cast those demons out of him but nothing seemed to happen. I tried again but still nothing happened. I began to pray, asking frantically what to do. I felt immediately that we should invited God in and ask the Holy Spirit to touch him. So we did and, after a few minutes, we asked again how he was doing. He said he could feel God’s power and presence. So we cast those demons out and they left immediately. – Vladic

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