Scoliosis & Nearsighted Vision Healed in Mother & Daughter

I prayed for a mother and daughter who both had scoliosis and were short sighted. The mother was powerfully touched by the Holy Spirit and fell to the floor. 

As she lay on the floor you could see her back being realigned. I also prayed for her eyes. When she stood up she said her back was completely better and so were her eyes.  She didn’t need her glasses! I then prayed for her daughter and again her back which had had a pronounced “S” shape was healed. She felt her eyes had been healed too, but as she wore very thick contact lenses, we decided to leave that until she went home. The husband/dad then came. He had already received healing. I was able to rejoice with the whole family and to pray for them to find the right church in their home city.
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