Seasons Change

Seasons Change

As seasons change in the natural we often see that spiritual changes come in seasons as well. “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven…” (Ecclesiastes 3:1). For every matter that concerns us is one in which the Lord has already seen. He is the One who knows the seasons and has set them in place. Our lives are often in seasons as well.

When we examine how chapter 3 lists out every sort of season a life could possibly experience; the good, the bad and the ugly, we also see that seasons are inevitable. They come along in cycles and times just as they were created. Each one bringing its own value in order to make life grow, rest, reproduce, and pass away.

As the natural seasons change so our spiritual lives can change as well. In order for our natural seasons to change there is an aligning and positioning of the earth, sun, and moon. All of these must get into position before we feel and see the manifestation of a new season. Within our spiritual lives, we also must get into position and get ourselves aligned properly for the changes ahead.

So often we are looking for changes and hoping to see God shift our situations, but we forget that we must take part in the positioning and aligning of ourselves for a coming season. Sometimes we need to align ourselves with education in an area God is taking us into; learn a new skill. Sometimes we need to be strong, healthy and ready for a new season by resting and taking care of our health. Sometimes we need to walk away from something comfortable and align ourselves with a new surrounding. All of this positioning, while praying and seeking God, gets us ready for the seasonal changes in our lives.

God moves when we align ourselves with what He is doing, and then we see the fruit of each season as old ways pass away and new beginnings start. Each season carries wisdom and experiences from the past so that the future is more fruitful.

As the seasons change, summer to fall, prepare yourself for what is ahead. Just as you plan for the change in the natural, plan for a change in the spiritual. Start looking ahead to all the Lord desires in your life, get ready for it. Align yourself for this change.

Jesus, rather upset, says in Luke 12:56, “Hypocrites you know how to interpret the appearance of the earth and the sky. How is it that you don’t know how to interpret this present time?”. He is talking about our ability to see when the natural seasons are changing and yet not seeing the spiritual changes. It is essential that we look beyond the natural situations and see the good plan our God has-pray for this Good plan in your own life and the lives of those around you.

In 1 Chronicles 12, we read about the sons of Issachar who “…understood the times and knew what Israel should do.” They were a generation, sons, from the tribe of Issachar who recognized what was happening in their times, and therefore knew what to do. Whatever season you are in personally, think about the natural as well. Consider these parallels in your life:

Sow seeds—build new relationships
Growth—develop new opportunities or ideas
Planting—settle into new goals or plans

Longer days—give more time to people or plans
Growth and fruit—harvest the good in opportunities and relationships
Heat—let the intensity and your passion for God be known

Harvest—gather people for fellowship or training
Cooling off—slow down and enjoy your blessings
Dying—let old ways go

Store up—gain knowledge and more understanding
Rest—take time to regain strength
Snow—forgive people and cover them in blessing

We are best at being spiritually fruitful in all seasons when we can recognize what to do. Whatever season you feel you may be in, start moving and praying according to the needs of that season and you will break through into the next season so much more prepared.

We need to be a people who, like the sons of Issachar, understand the times and provide solutions. If we embrace the seasons of our lives and meet the needs of each one, we will all begin to move forward together. Perhaps nations will begin to transform because we understand what to do.

Let’s realize that each of us may feel like we are in different seasons, but this is not a bad thing…it is actually good: while one rests and studies, others gather and plant. The whole Body is still working together; advancing the Kingdom. Ultimately whatever you’re going through is a now season and all of us are hoping to see God move now so that the Kingdom is truly catapulted forward.

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