Sense of Smell Restored, Sciatica Healed!

A woman named Victoria came for prayer. She had lost her sense of smell about four years ago from pesticides in her yard. She also had pain from her hip all down her leg to her little toe on the left side.

After seeing the doctor she was told it was sciatica and she had had pain for seven years. I prayed over her for her sense of smell and sinuses. After I prayed and checked in, she didn’t know if it was better. I pulled out some essential oils I carry in my purse and she could smell them. She had a huge smile on her face! I prayed several times more for the pain in her leg and the pain lessened. So I prayed again and it went away completely. She was so happy and so was I! She also said she could still smell! Praise Jesus! – Shelly, Homemaker

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