September Brazil 2013 – Paralysis Healed, Salvation Comes

A man about 65 came for prayer. He had an aneurism which caused paralysis on the left side of his body. He had been this way for 8 months and he heavily leaned on a cane. We (Mark and I) started praying for his arm and hand commanding order to the arm and hand.

After prayer, he was able to lift his arm above his head which his son said he could not do before. His fingers were still stiff. We spent a lot of time on his hand. We prayed for his leg. After prayer there was more movement and strength. He was walking around without his cane. His hips looked like they were not working properly yet, so we prayed some more. We asked if he had any unforgiveness and he said no. Over all he said he felt 80-85 percent better. Then I asked if he knew Jesus. He said no that he had only been to church three times with his son. So we prayed with him and he accepted Jesus!! Yeah! Tears rolled down the son’s face and ours too! God is so good! – Shelly 

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