Strongholds Removed; Stomach Healed!

A woman in her early 40s came forward with stomach pain that had been there for months. She whispered about addictions too. We began to pray for stomach pain, but I sensed that the thing she really wanted was freedom from her addiction.

We prayed for strongholds to be broken and a renewing of the mind. We prayed for her to have a vision of what she thinks would be great in her life and said God is so much bigger than that. She began to tremble and to sway. I prayed for inner hurts to be completely healed and the desire to turn to God as life difficulties come. We prayed for joy and peace. We prayed for her to see her true identity. I sensed guilt and shame. She began to cry and cry. We prayed for about 10 minutes. We cast off things as they were revealed. She was so open to receive God and wanted God. She said she felt His love. Her face was different than when she came up. She was hopeful. She even smiled and laughed. Then, she said, “Oh, the pain in my stomach is completely, gone. I believe she was delivered of some strongholds in her life…and stomach pain.
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