Singapore – Deliverance

I was called upon to help in a “deliverance.” The Indonesian Chinese lady was in her 40s or 50s. Language was an issue so she speaks only one Chinese dialect. The praise and worship team members were casting out the “demon” without success. The lady was confused, angry and it seemed to further confirm that a demon was still there. After a while I realized there wasn’t any demon. God showed me that she is a powerful seer. The “problem” was that she has been seeing all these demons and it is overwhelming her. She has been confused and fearful all these years. Everyone (her family, church) and herself included didn’t have a grid for it. Besides the language barrier, she is now a little “slow in understanding.” So ministry to her needed to be simpler. I asked her to close her eyes and asked “where is Jesus?” without missing a beat she answered “Right in front of me.” “What is he saying?” “he is telling me to walk on the path of light. He is with me. I don’t need
to be afraid …” I shut her off from the second heaven and released her to see only things from the third heaven. When she opened her eyes, she had a big smile and she said, “Oh, you are Jesus!” and gave me a hug. Her pain from an operation was gone. Her swollen leg that needed an operation subsided back to normal size.

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