Singapore – Hindu Family Restored

A family come for prayer that were all, but the pastoral son, of the Hindu faith. The mother was in a wheelchair with hip and knee pain. I prayed for her and she started crying. She walked twenty meters unaided for the first time. She began to dance and smile before sitting back down on a chair.

The daughter had stomach pain and headaches. I prayed for her and began twirling and twirling as the spirit filled her, she danced herself right out of all pain again thanking Jesus for her healing. Her sister had arthritis in her knees and was able to bend and squat for the first time in several years after prayer. By this time the brother grabbed my hand and pressed it below his tummy saying through the interpreter that he had bowel problems. He began falling back under the power of the Holy spirit and by the time he hit the floor he felt the fire burn away the bloating previously causing pain.

The final son whom was a pastor and had been translating was In tears and received a fresh infilling of the holy spirit. Together he and I explained about healing and that there was only one God. They were going to need to let the traditions of the past go and follow the trinity God alone. They all nodded in agreement and bowed continuously honoring the spirit within me and thanked our Jesus for their healing’s and family blessings. Thank you Jesus. ~Steve

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